Multigraf AG paid a visit to LIDH Reklam AB, a family-owned company founded in 1960 and now run by the second generation. Located in the Swedish city of Halmstad (between Malmö and Gothenburg), it employs 20 people. Its core business is direct marketing to members of the public who have just moved into a new community or neighbourhood. It is a market leader in its field, and customers are typically companies supplying products and services to consumers all over the country. Until 2011, LIDH Reklam AB relied on equipment supplied by Neopost. In 2017, LIDH Reklam AB upgraded its machine park with a new printer, a new Neopost inserter and the Multigraf Multifinisher CPC375.

This success story started when our LIDH Reklam team together with Neopost Sweden (Multigraf dealer) made a visit to Multigraf AG headquar ters in Switzerland in order to evaluate the Multifinisher CPC375. We were in search of a machine with a cutter that would function with safe workflow at high speeds. The Multifinisher CPC375 certainly fulfils those requirements, and we were very much impressed by the speed of the machine. It was important for us to see production in action, using our own printed paper. Because LIDH Reklam were planning to invest in only one machine, we wanted to check in detail that it could deliver according to our three main criteria: high speed, high precision and uninterrupted production.

So far, we at LIDH Reklam had worked with two Duplo cutters. As we now have a steady workflow without too many differences of specification and because speed and stability are at a premium, we decided for the Multigraf machine, the Multifinisher CPC375. We were impressed by the large and well-organised warehouse and by the fact that the machine was actually manufactured locally. Our Head of Newsletter and Video Production here at LIDH Reklam, Ulf Hermansson, points out: “In the event that we need a spare part, we know that it can be delivered fast, and also that in-depth knowledge about the machine can be obtained from the factory in Switzerland. In addition to the machine fulfilling our most important demands, we have great confidence in Multigraf.”

We at LIDH Reklam AB operate two main production lines, one for A5 flyers and one for A6 flyers. The production process starts with the Ricoh printer that prints out address pages and advertisement pages from PDF files onto SRA3 and SRA4 paper. In the next step, we slit and cut the SRA3 to A5 and the SRA4 to A6 on the CPC375. After the cutting process, the Neopost inserter reads the matrix code on the address page and inserts the right flyers, together with the address page as the first sheet, into the envelope. In effect, we are printing directly to the end consumer.

We are really pleased with our new Multigraf Multifinisher, which gives us a stable, fast and secure process. In fact, we hope to be able to cut both A5 and A6 from SRA3 in the future, which would make the whole process even smoother.
It has been six months now since we upgraded our machine park, and we see a much safer, faster and stable production process following the installation of the Multigraf Multifinisher CPC375. This has had a significant impact on the whole workflow. Instead of cutting 16 pages per minute on two machines, we are now cutting 45 pages per minute on a single CPC375 machine. And all of this without any interruption. It’s just perfect.

“Our improved production results mean that we are pleased to recommend Multifinisher CPC375 to other companies. Similarly, we would also like to recommend the company itself, Multigraf, which has done a very good job during this project,“ says Ulf Hermansson.

Multigraf would like to thank everyone who was involved in this case study for their helpful cooperation. Special thanks go to Göran Wiberg (Managing Director, LIDH Reklam AB), Ulf Hermansson (Head of Newsletter and Video Production at LIDH Reklam AB) and Johan Lindberg (Regional Manager, Neopost Sweden, Malmö).
For more information about this Multifinisher CPC375 success story, please contact:
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